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Mobile CRM and Wireless CRM - Infrastructures, Benefits and Vendors


While a handheld device with browser-based UI can access web based CRM systems, the more robust solutions for mobile CRM and wireless utilize a mobile middleware for the interactions between the wireless device and the CRM applications.

Infrastructures of Mobile CRM and Wireless CRM

A mobile enterprise solutions are made up with three components - CRM backend systems, wireless handheld devices for mobile access and a mobile middleware for the interactions. What distinguishes mobile CRM or wireless CRM from traditional CRM is the mobile middleware. A mobile CRM or wireless CRM provides great benefit for mobile workers to access and share enterprise information across organizational lines and locations. Traditionally, they have to fax, or email customer information back to corporate headquarters.

Vendors of Mobile CRM and Wireless CRM Systems

All major CRM vendors (SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft and Microsoft) offer mobile and wireless CRM solutions.

  • SAP - The mobile middleware layer is an integral part of the underlying SAP architecture. mySAP Mobile Business enables mobility with all of the SAP ERP applications including CRM.
  • Oracle - Oracle Mobile Field Service applications leverage existing mobile technology and devices to provide field service representatives with real-time information in dial-up or use wireless access.
  • Siebel Systems - Siebel offers several mobile CRM and wireless applications, including Siebel Sales Handheld for Windows and Siebel Mobile Sales Solutions for Palm OS.
  • Microsoft CRM - MS CRM is built on top of .NET framework. It supports access from Pocket PC devices and wireless devices.
  • Salesforce.com - salesforce.com offers several alternatives for remotely access. For instance, users can request contact sheet and product data in e-mails.
  • PeopleSoft - PeopleSoft's mobile solution is Web based that requires a network connection.
  • Other Vendors - Best Software’s SalesLogix, FrontRange's GoldMine, Pivotal's wireless CRM and ACCPAC International's CRM products.

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