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Supply Chain News

Supply Chain News Portal automatically aggregates and categorizes Supply Chain Management news from 50 news sources everyday.

ABCs of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Overview - Participants and Processes Supply chain management is the combination of the enterprise strategies, business process and information technologies that integrates ...
Supply Chain Management Definition - A Systems Perspective Supply Chain Management is a business system of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technologies for improving the planning, execution and collaboration of material, information, financial and workforce flows in the supply chain.
Supply Chain Planning Supply chain planning includes demand forecasting, inventory simulation, manufacturing planning and transportation scheduling.
Supply Chain Execution Supply chain execution is the process of putting supply chain planning into action.
Supply Chain Collaboration Successful implementation of a supply chain management system improves the efficiency of collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers and distributors - the collaboration of material flows, information flows and financial flows.
Supply Chain Management Software - Planning, Collaboration, Automation and Optimization Supply chain management software system facilitates supply chain planning, collaboration, automation and optimization.
Supply Chain Software vs. B2B Exchanges B2B or Business to Business refers to electronic trade or partnering between organizations.

Supply Chain Implementation and Integration

Supply Chain Project Management The scope of a supply chain project describes the major business processes the project will transform, the participants of the supply

Inventory Management & Warehouse Management

Inventory Management Overview - Demand Forecasting, Inventory Monitoring and Inventory Reporting Inventory Management is part of Supply Chain Management
Order Fulfillment Options and Choosing Fulfillment Company Fulfillment services involve receiving, inventorying, warehousing, delivery, record-keeping and customer inquiries


RFID: A Smart Tag Primer - Supply Chain Management Good things come in small packages. This familiar cliché usually refers to precious stones, but today it's taken on new meaning, in that small things are now protecting items we deem valuable
RFID: A Closer View Within the last few years RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has steadily migrated from the inner circles of science and technology into the public consciousness.


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