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2014-06-06 10 Free Online Project Management Software Ranked
10 free online PM tools are ranked in a 1-10 scale with 10 for the most popular. The product reviews from experts counts for 30% of the ranking score, and the number of active users counts for 70%. The descriptions of the software are taken from the vendors' website.


2005-10-17 RFID: A Smart Tag Primer - Supply Chain Management
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automatic data capture technology that offers unparalleled accuracy in inventory control and supply chain management. Although RFID is a relative newcomer to the media spotlight, the technology has been quietly working its way into our culture and into our lives since it was drafted by the military 60 years ago.


New in ERP Knowledge Base
2005-03-13 ERP News Portal automatically aggregates and categorizes ERP news from 50 news sources everyday.
2005-03-12 The Differences between ERP Systems and Ecommerce Applications The user difference between the two types of applications have profound implications on systems integration.
2005-03-12 Cost of ERP - What does ERP really cost? The total cost of ERP ownership includes the costs of packaged software, hardware and professional services.
New in CRM Software Solution - Customer Relationship Management
2005-07-15 Benefits of Integrating Online Chat Software with CRM There're many benefits to integrate chat software into CRM systems.
2005-03-22 Sales Force Automation (SFA) Sales Force Automation is the combination of business strategies and information systems that automate business processes of sales and marketing functions.
2005-03-22 Sales Automation - Integrate Sales Channels and Automate Selling Processes The rise of product customization, the proliferation of sales channels and the increasing of product complexity among other things are the major driving forces behind sales automation.
New in SCM - Supply Chain Management
2005-10-17 RFID: A Smart Tag Primer - Supply Chain Management Good things come in small packages. This familiar cliché usually refers to precious stones, but today it's taken on new meaning, in that small things are now protecting items we deem valuable
2005-10-17 RFID: A Closer View Within the last few years RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has steadily migrated from the inner circles of science and technology into the public consciousness.
2005-04-05 Supply Chain Management Definition - A Systems Perspective Supply Chain Management is a business system of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technologies for improving the planning, execution and collaboration of material, information, financial and workforce flows in the supply chain.
New in KM - Knowledge Management
2005-03-24 Knowledge Management Technologies and Tools The core of an Knowledge Management system is Knowledge Management software or information technology.
2005-03-24 Knowledge Management Overview Knowledge Management is the combination of enterprise strategies, business processes and information technology for capturing, organizing, storing and disseminating knowledge and experiences of individual workers and groups.
2005-03-24 Knowledge Management Definition - A Systems Perspective Knowledge management will not be a industry and will not be a academic discipline without the emergence of modern information technology.
New in E-Business Project Management
2014-06-06 10 Free Online Project Management Software Ranked 10 free online PM tools are ranked in a 1-10 scale with 10 for the most popular.
2005-04-25 Overview of E-Business Project Management E-Business software, ERP or CRM, counts about 50% cost of e-business projects.
2005-04-25 Life Cycle and Task List of e-Business Application Implementation The phases in a life cycle of e-business project includes: strategic planning, requirements gathering, customization, installation integration, data conversion, testing, training, user support.


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